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WARD BROWN is a long time friend of this web site. Some will remember that the genial Chicago soul man fronted an outfit called Brown’s Bag who enjoyed success way back in the noughties via material on the late-lamented Soulchoonz label and then via Ward’s own Early Park Records – which he helped set up with Raymond Earl of Instant Funk. We’ve tracked Ward’s career since then and his 2011 album ‘Where I Should Be’ was one of that year’s soul highlights.

Soul Tracks

(January 19, 2022) The beauty of Ward Brown’s new single “I’m Coming Home” is that it can work on so many levels. The tune is a romantic ballad about a man who is excited to come home to the woman he loves after a long day at the office, or even months or years of being deployed. However, the theme of a homecoming and connecting with those we love after being disconnected from them for so long takes on a different and deeper meaning after what Brown and the rest of the world have been through and are still going through.


Sonic Soul

Old school. You know what you have. How good that we are offered the rock in the surf of life twice to‎‎ ‎‎ start another of these weeks – the soul shoulder to lean on. ‎
‎ ‎‎WARD BROWN "I'm Coming Home"‎‎ ‎
‎ Brown's Bag! Is it ringing? Their "Soul Satisfied" album, which in 2006 the unforgettable Di-Lee put over Soulchoonz in our players, still sounds good in the ears – no wonder, because the songs were already carved in tones according to the eternally valid formulas in your time. And they fit forever. Well – let's still make a time jump, because even 15 years later the Ward Brown (at Brown's Bag he was together with Sherrod Brown at the start) is active. He comes back to us with the best voice – "I'm Coming Home" is heartfelt soul of the brand "real", softly padded, emotional and warm. Welcome back, Ward!‎

Soul Strutter

Ward and Raymond have jointly written ten tracks for the new album which is scheduled for release in July 2022. To promote it a single "I'm Coming Home" has just been released, which funnily enough as soon as I heard it reminded me a little of The Temptations new single, a classy old school style ballad with which he says he "hopes to inspire others to not give up hope that we will hug and enjoy our significant others soon even through these most difficult times...and...get the vaccine (lol)".


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